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Marital Dissolution

When a marriage ends, so does the Business Relationship

Marriages with business interests can complicate a marital dissolution.  A valuation must be completed to ascertain value in accordance with state laws.


Troy Patton CPA/ABV is qualified to value businesses of all sizes and industries.  He has worked with the largest firms in the U.S. on international projects as well as the local entrepreneurial company serving nearby markets.  Troy has served as a consultant to the American Dental Association and taught business valuation classes to other state CPA societies.  Troy Patton has testified in six different states in the U.S. on business valuation matters.

Patton & Associates, LLC will present the valuation in an easy-to-understand report.  This will help your client obtain a financially equitable divorce settlement with the least stress possible for your client.


Hire Patton and Associates, LLC before the opposing counsel does! Our professional support will assist in review of any opposing expert report, and the financial analysis documents will make case preparation faster.

Let us concentrate on the financial aspects of divorce so you can concentrate on the legal issues.

Topics covered include:


  • Personal vs. Enterprise Goodwill

  • Valuing and dividing property and other assets

  • Pension valuation: QDRO, 401(k) and other retirement plans

  • Spousal and child support

  • Tax implications of divorce

  • Forensic accounting-tracing hidden assets


We're available to provide expert witness testimony if the need arises or assist with deposition questions and review of any report.

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