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Getting Started

To start the business valuation process, send a message with the form below or call 800-800-1776.

I'll explain how the process works, and the fee for the valuation based on your answers to these questions:

  • What is the INDUSTRY the company is in?

  • WHY is the valuation needed?

  • What is the SIZE of the company? (size in revenue dollars)


Our process consists of only a few steps to start a valuation.

  1. Contact us to get an estimate for the valuation. Let us know the industry, why the valuation is needed, and the size of the company.

  2. We will send an engagement letter to you which will need signed and sent back with payment in advance.

  3. We will gather the information from you and set up a time to discuss the operations of the business.

  4. We will complete the valuation and issue the report.

Get Started

Thanks for submitting!

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